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31500 SERIES
  • Fittings for air-condition plants and refrigeration plants
  • SAE FLARE tightening conical fittings NPT ( ANSI/ASME B1.20.1)
  • Service valve adapter’s seat made as from ARI standard 720:1997 specification
  • These devices allows filled and drained the refrigerant into the system
Service valve adapters and their mechanisms are designed for installation in cooling systems as well as domestic and industrial air-conditioning systems where refrigerants of Group II (as provided for by art. 9, section 2.2 of Directive 97/23/ CE with reference to Directive 67/548/EEC) are used. Group II includes all refrigerants classified as A1 in annex E of EN 378- 1:2008 standard. Thanks to these devices, the system can be quickly and simply filled and drained.
After these operations, a cap with a gasket is installed on the device to prevent refrigerant leaks.
The device can also be closed using a blind pipe union (item 31001) with application of a truncated copper gasket with shank (item 31517).
  1. Straight service valve adapters are drawn from TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N brass bar, elbows and tee service valve adapters are made of hot-forged TN-UNI EN12164-CW614Nbrass
  2. Mechanism are made of TN-UNI EN12164-CW614Nbrass with neoprene gaskets
  3. Caps are drawn from bar made of TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N brass with neoprene gaskets

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