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31000 SERIES
  • Fittings for air-condition and refrigeration plants
  • SAE FLARE tightening conical fittings NPT ( ANSI/ASME b1.20.1)
This fittings type are designed and constructed for installation in air-conditioning and cooling systems where refrigerants ( non-toxic, non –flammable and non-explosive) of group II are used, among which all refrigerants classified as A1 in Annexe E of En 378-1 (2008) standard, as well as refrigerants R30 – R123 – R141H – R245FA classified among other safety groups.
The standard includes, among others, the following well-know refrigerants:
R12 – R22 – R134A – R404A – R404C – R407C – R410A – R502 – R507
  1. Straight fittings (threaded nipples, adapter shanks, plugs) made of brass TN-UNI EN12164-CW614N.
    Nut, elbow fittings and tee fittings are made of hot-forged ST-UNI EN12165-CW617N brass.
    Caps and truncated gaskets are made of Cu-ETP-UNI 5649 copper.

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